Southlands Village Lake



Aug 26, 2014


Proud, and full of grace, there’s no question that like the beaver and moose, the Canada Goose has earned an emblematic status as one of the great wildlife symbols of our nation. That being said, you don’t really want a beaver, a moose or goose walking around on your patio or deck.

One of the great advantages of life in Pritchard Farm Southlands Village is your proximity to nature. Away from the landscape of endless concrete and looming buildings you live amongst lush natural wetlands and unique dry creek beds. It’s human nature to appreciate and be drawn to such natural beauty. It’s in our essence to seek rejuvenation through nature at our doorstep. The only problem is, some of our long necked friends don’t know that it’s your door step and occasionally might make an uninvited visit to your property.
With fall here the geese will soon be on the move, heading for warmer climates. Like all ofus, they love the lush natural wetlands of Pritchard Farm Southlands Village, and for many geese it’s a must stop on their journey south.

So with full migration in force, Qualico Developments has put together some plans to help minimize their impact on properties in Pritchard Farm Southlands Village this autumn. First and foremost is the installation of a new Goose fence. We’ve ordered a specially engineered fence designed to keep our feathered friends off your property and in the wetlands areas where they belong. The fence is discreet and unobtrusive and unless you know it’s there, it goes practically unnoticed.

Geese require easy access to food and water. By keeping them in the wet lands and away from your deck or patio, eventually, they will come to find the area inconvenient for their needs and move on to another.

The special goose fence will be installed this fall and will allow everybody that loves the rich nature of Pritchard Farm Southlands Village, both human and winged, to co-exist in a friendlier and much tidier manner.