Southlands Village Lake


PFSV Wetlands Update

Aug 26, 2014

With the days getting shorter and the air turning chilly now is a good time to check in on the health of the wetlands around Pritchard Farm Southlands Village and see how they did during the 2013 summer season.

Qualico Communities has come together with Native Plant Solutions, a division of Ducks Unlimited, to create a unique and varied natural landscape in PFSV. One that receives periodic monitoring to ensure it remains at its splendid best.

In fact, as recently as a couple of weeks ago taking photos and collecting water samples. They then took that water back to the lab and tested it for a number of constituents and the results were positive. In fact, they show the water quality in the wetlands continues to improve.

Now for the technical stuff. In general you want more nitrogen (N) in your system than phosphorus (P) (i.e., the system is phosphorus limited). The N:P ratio in the two samples were 16:1 and 19:1, respectively. Is that good? Very.

With nitrogen to phosphorus ratios ranging from 12:1 or higher you get better water clarity and nutrient pooling within the system, as well as the development of healthy communities of algae as opposed to blue green algal. You also tend to get accelerated levels of decomposition and plant growth, which means that phosphorus is even more in demand … making it less available in the water column for blue-green algae to take advantage of.

So as summer turns to fall the wetlands in PFSV are continuing to come along nicely. With continued TLC from the scientists at Native Plant Solutions there’s every reason to believe that should further improve into 2014. Check back here for updates as the ecosystem continues to evolve.