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Volunteer at the East Saint Paul Community Club

Apr 09, 2015
The East Saint Paul Community Club (ESPCC) is always looking for volunteers to support the variety of activities the they offer for all ages. It's also a great way to meet fellow residents.

ESPCC Volunteer Statement
The Club’s volunteers are willing to be team players within the established structure of the club.  They are willing to support the overall development of all sport and recreation programs in the Community.  Volunteers will make decisions for the betterment of programs.  Volunteers have the commitment to fulfill their position.  Volunteers may be subject to a background check.

Becoming a Volunteer
ESPCC encourages community members to get involved with the centre as community leaders and volunteers. Meet new people, develop new skills and have fun by becoming a East St. Paul Community Centre Volunteer.
Many volunteer opportunities are available to meet a variety of needs and interests. There are no age restrictions. You can make a commitment of time that works for you.  

Why Volunteer?

  • Improve job opportunities
  • Explore your skills and abilities
Corporate Sector
  • Use your skills and abilities as a leader in your field
  • Improve community life
  • Improve your status and image in the community
  • Provide new work and skills training
  • Take on a new challenge
  • Help others in the community
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Meet new friends in the neighbourhood
New Canadians
  • Develop your proficiency in English
  • Develop employment related skills
  • Gain important work experience
Adults 55+
  • Give back to the community
  • Make a contribution of time
  • Keeps you active and healthy

For more information and to view position descriptions visit the ESPCC website, here.