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Builder Profile: Arlt Homes

Apr 15, 2016

The History of Arlt Homes

Started in 1976, Arlt Homes is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2016. A proudly family owned and run business, Arlt Homes has set itself apart based on their personal service and responsiveness.

With four decades of experience in Winnipeg, the Arlt team has forged longstanding relationships with a multitude of suppliers and tradespeople, helping to deliver high-quality custom homes on time and on budget.

What Sets Arlt Homes Apart

For Jason Arlt, one of the main benefits of Arlt Homes is that their clients truly have a direct say in how the house turns out. Because Arlt Homes is a small company, there isn't a deep hierarchy to create a lot of red tape. This gives their clients the opportunity to engage in direct conversation throughout the entire building process with the Arlt team.

"We aren't afraid to make suggestions during the building process and, at the same time, to incorporate our clients' tastes," Jason explains. "We make your build an interactive process and, as a smaller company, we're very flexible to the needs of our clients. For example, if someone is looking for greater energy efficiency or a unique hardwood flooring option that's outside of the norm, we can really explore those possibilities."

Defining the Arlt Style

When asked about the Arlt "signature style," Jason is proud to answer that they don't have one. Whether you are looking for a craftsman home or more of a contemporary look and feel, they can adapt to meet your taste.

"If there is one thing that describes our style, I would use the word clean," he explains. "We have a contemporary edge, but our homes are comfortable - they are family friendly and liveable. That is the balance we look for and that appeals to people."

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Why Arlt Homes Loves Building in Southlands Village at Pritchard Farm

"Our clients really appreciate that they can express their vision and goals for their home and how it will fit with their lifestyle right from the start. And while every home is custom or highly customized, the community guidelines ensure that everything looks great and feels cohesive."

Jason also believes that the location and benefits of bare land condo ownership set the area apart from other communities.

"Many of the people building in Southlands Village come from that end of the city, whether it's the RM of St. Clements, East or West St. Paul or North Kildonan. That being said, because there aren't any other bare land condo developments in Winnipeg, people are also making the move from throughout the city. They like the concept as well as the location - it's the right fit for their lifestyle."

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