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Builder Profile: Maric Homes

Jun 21, 2016

The History of Maric Homes

Maric Homes was started over 40 years ago by Steve Maric, originally a cabinet maker by trade, and his wife Cathy Maric. They began by building only a few houses per year but have since grown in scale and capacity. In the 90s, Steve Maric decided to focus on a specific corner of Winnipeg's high-end housing market: beautifully finished custom homes.

40 years is a long time, and a great deal has changed in the Winnipeg housing market and for Maric as a company. Steve and Cathy's son Peri Maric has joined the family business, and one of the big changes that he has noticed is how well-informed people are these days about the building process.

"The internet has been the driving force," Peri explains. "There is so much information available online – it's right at your fingertips. People have a great idea of fixtures and they even specify structural components. 30 years ago you would draft up a house and go - now you go through every piece with the client and their ideas are becoming more and more specific. Our approach to custom building allows us to truly accommodate this – we are specific and detail oriented, and we have clients involved from the contract stage through design, all the way to the point of the keys being passed off."

What Sets Maric Homes Apart

When asked what sets them apart, Peri answers that without a doubt it's their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. "It's obvious when you go into one of our show homes: the level of detail, millwork, finishing work… how precise it all fits. We make sure that all of our homes are completely functional, intelligently planned, and spectacular - it’s a lot of work, but worth it in the end."

And as the times have changed, so has their use of technology.

"We have a strong presence on and we use that as a tool," Peri explains. "We'll ask our clients to begin an idea book and go from there. As for bringing technology into the building process, we use AutoCAD, but we've also started using something called SketchUp to do quick 3D renderings – this allows us to mock up an idea, giving our client a clear idea of spatial relations."

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Builder Profile: Maric Homes
Defining the Maric Style

Peri describes the Maric style as "warm modern." He explains, "We have very clean lines and all of our spaces are connected, but there is always some sort of visual cue that you're entering a new space. Whether it's a transition of the flooring or ceiling, there is a subtle way to delineate between spaces. We love clean lines and minimal flourishes to keep it subtle. Nothing gaudy."

Why Maric Homes Loves Building in Southlands Village Pritchard Farm

For Dan Rolfe of Maric Homes, the location of Southlands Village Pritchard Farm is a huge benefit for prospective home buyers. "Located in a very quiet part of East St. Paul, you feel rural and private enough that you know you're somewhere special, but are only a minute's drive to local conveniences for shopping, entertainment, and the Perimeter for easy access to the lake for the weekend. The commute to downtown is also a breeze," he explains.

With beautiful luxury bungalows and all the benefits of condo living, Dan also believes that homebuyers will find Southlands Village to be a fantastic long-term investment. Great lot prices and the privacy and exclusivity of the area add to the appeal.

"What I like about Southlands Village is that the land pricing was fair from day one," he explains. "Add the very uniqueness and maturity of the development along with the quality and style of the homes being built there, and I believe that you will see an increase in your investment down the road based on the marketability of both. Likewise, there is a very low turnover rate in the area; it bodes well for strength in the community and as stock diminishes value will go up."

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