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Winter Vacation Guide: Preparing your home before departure

Feb 01, 2017

PFSV Winter Vacation Guide
One of the biggest advantages of living in the Southlands Village is the knowing the exterior of your home will be taken care of all year long. This allows you to spend time traveling to warmer destinations during the winter months without having to worry about arriving home and having to dig a path to your front door. But before you jet off on your vacation, there are still a few things you’ll have to do for your home to prep for your time away.

Home Security

Check your alarm: It’s important to inform your alarm company that you’re going away and notify them of changes to the emergency contact list. You’ll also want to talk to the individual, and key holder, who’s received this role by letting them know they are the first contact if anything were to go happen.

Have someone visit your home: Whether you have your kids collect the mail or you get a neighbor to pop in to check on things, it’s important to have someone visit your home for on a regular basis. In fact, many insurance policies require it!

Set your lights on timers: If your home is dark throughout the evening, it can look as though no one is home. By setting your lights on a timer during the evenings, it will look as though your home is being lived in. You can use a simple mechanical timer, or invest in smart lighting so can even control the lights when you are away.

Cancel your mail and newspapers: When your newspaper starts piling up on your front steps, it’s another indicator you are away. Call your local newspaper to cancel your subscription for the days you’re away. The Winnipeg Free Press even gives you the option to support literacy in Manitoba by donating our newspaper while on vacation.

Let your neighbours know: Notify your neighbours that you’ll be out of town, that way they can keep an eye on your property to make sure everything is okay while you are away.

General Home Preparation

Clean your fridge: To help prevent strong odors from welcoming you when you walk through your front door take the time to clean your fridge. Search for any expired food or products that will go bad while away and throw it out.

Tidy up your home: The last think you what to come home to is a messy home. Take the time to dust, vacuum your house so that your home is clean when you return.

Home Systems

Consider ways to save energy: By unplugging electronics or other large appliances, you’ll be saving energy and a little extra money on your next energy bill. So, make sure your coffee pot or hair styling tools are unplugged to prevent any unexpected problems.

Shut off your hot water tank: This is good to do if you are away for an extended amount of time. By closing the valve to tank and turning off the heating elements, you are preventing any potential accidents, like water leaks. Although this is optional, it’s certainly beneficial to take extra precaution.

Make sure your laundry machine or dishwasher are not running: Hold off on running a load of laundry or dishes as you head out the door as there is the possibility that your machine will continue to run and waste energy. It’s important to never run these machines when you are not home.

Install a water detection and low temperature alarm sensors: Your alarm company can install extra sensors to your alarm system to help monitor your home while you are away. Water detection sensors detect basement flooding, while low temperature sensors will notify the alarm company if the temperature drops too low in your home, possibly indicating a furnace failure.

By following these home preparation tips before you jet off to a warm destination for the winter months, you can rest assure that your home will be fully maintained when away and ready for you when you arrive.

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